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Specializing in scoliosis corrective procedures, Dr. Dovorany has been widely regarded as one of the best chiropractic scoliosis specialists in Wisconsin. Dovorany is focused on not only assisting his patients with eliminating pain, but also halting curvature progression and reducing existing scoliosis. Dovorany is an advanced instructor for the International Chiropractic Scoliosis Board specializing in static auto response training.As the developer of the patent pending Scoliosis Trainer (currently used in all Scoli SMARTâ„¢ locations), he has presented research at SOSORT conferences and has numerous peer reviewed medical publications supporting this treatment approach.

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This thing was waist-high, with a nasty-looking suction tube.It was even plugged in, as if some desperate customer had just used it.A fellow of the International Chiropractic Scoliosis Board, Dr.Dovorany has been in practice and providing scoliosis treatment in Wisconsin since 1997.Red Letter News Adult Entertainment Center 2528 East Washington Ave.

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