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(I swear, if we had another two laps on the course, we would have out-enduranced the whole lot of them!

) An exciting event like this truly isn’t possible without the help from all the wonderful volunteers.

When race day arrived, a hurdle I never anticipated became quite apparent.

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The foxhunters riding with me were willing to go at a good clip of gallop, so we had our own little mock race between the four of us.Tristan immediately went into racehorse mode (weird for a 15.3-hand pony cross who’s never seen a racetrack in his life) and got super competitive with our buddies.So we gave up our fourth place position by playing it safe.Plus we got to enjoy the last haul to the finish line with the crowd screaming, “COME ON NUMBER 3! ” We crossed the finish line dead last, but I had a huge smile on my face, and Tristan was ready to do another lap.It’s very easy to stay in your box and ride in just your favorite discipline well within your comfort zone.

What I love most about event horses and riders is we create an athletic partnership based upon versatility.Firstly, when four horses start galloping at full speed right next to us, Superpony gets downright competitive!My original plan was to have an easy gallop on the first uphill, let him stretch out on the down, go easy around the turn at the bottom, then let it loose on the homestretch.If just one little kid left with a newfound love of horses and the equestrian lifestyle, I believe our work in inspiring a new generation of horsemen and women was fulfilled.Tristan not only tolerated all the affection, he simply hammed it up between naps and peppermints to reward him for his exceptional behavior.We started with hunter paces this spring; lucky for me, moving to South Carolina has opened up a great big world of paces I never even knew existed, thanks to the urging of our horsey neighbors and the Western Carolina Hunter Pace circuit.