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read more » Paul Block emigrated from Germany to upstate New York in 1885, and began in the newspaper business as a young man in Elmira, NY, and later in New York City.In 1900, he left a secure job to form his own ad rep firm which sold national advertising for client newspapers…

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Breakdancing rap group the Hull High Devils serves as the modern version of the Greek chorus in the show.

Documentary series about the goings-on behind the scenes at Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle fabrication company located in Montgomery, New York. See full summary » Auction Hunters, Allen Haff and Ton Jones, travel America bidding on unclaimed storage units they think will contain the most hidden treasure - worth big cash - the better the history the higher the price.

Prices range from 0 to 0, the average cost advertised is 1.

We also have listings nearby in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Palm Springs, California, Palmdale and Lancaster, California, San Fernando Valley, California, Riverside, California, San Bernardino, California, Long Beach, California, Escondido, California, and Ontario, California.

See full summary » Each season, series producers choose a diverse group of seven to eight people in their late teens to mid-20s to live together in a major city. See full summary » Out of work actor Joe volunteers to help try and save his sister's local church for the community by putting on a Christmas production of Hamlet, somewhat against the advice of his agent ...

See full summary » Chances are such that no one will read this post given the number of happy reviews that precede mine.

South Florida (Hollywood) When I got the e-mail the other day about the upcoming Lock and Key Event in Delray it brought me back to the night I met Shane almost a year ago. 27 at the Oxygen Lounge in Miami and apparently I was supposed to find the love of my life that night.

It's funny how life puts you in the right place at the right time.

As if reality television wasn't bad enough, we are given a show where kids bicker over prom and dates and sunshine and farts.

What makes matters worse is that thousands/tens of thousands(choose quantity based on current week's ratings) of people actually care.

Hello Gentlemen, I am JESSIE TAYLOR a unique curvy companion from San Diego.