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When and where campus streaking started is unknown.

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For example, a 1967 article in the student paper at Carleton College in Minnesota laments: "Examples of [Carleton's social problems] are the large number of departing female students, the rise of class spirit, low grades, streaking, destruction, drinking, and the popularity of rock dances." (At that time, streaking was already a tradition on the Minnesota campus, during January and February when temperatures were well below freezing.) A letter writer responded, "Let it be known that streakers have plagued the campus police at Notre Dame for the past decade", pointing out that a group of students there sponsored a "Streakers' Olympics" in 1972.

The University of Colorado comes in second with 1,200 streakers, and the University of Maryland ranks third, with 553 naked students streaking three miles in March 1974.

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Since the run takes place in the midst of finals, the library tends to have a higher student presence, thereby increasing the shocking effect.

The students of Centre College have incorporated "Running the Flame" into tradition and legend, making it a pseudo-requirement for graduation.Both teams have historically participated in "naked laps" at Stadium and welcome the first snow of each year with a naked run. The University of California, Santa Cruz has an annual fall tradition known as First Rain, where students begin the run in Porter College and run naked around the campus during the first rainfall of the fall season, usually in October.The University of California, Berkeley has a biannual tradition during each semester's final examinations in which students (typically those in student housing cooperatives) streak through Moffitt Library.Streaking became an annual campus tradition at the University of Chicago in 1983, during their Kuviasungnerk winter festival, to help students kick the winter blues. There are often more spectators than actual participants.Dartmouth College has two streaking-related challenges: The Ledyard Challenge, in which students swim naked across the Connecticut River and run nude back across the bridge, Students at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, started a tradition called Naked Week in 2003, usually held in the second half of February; hundreds of students run naked across a different quad every night, and each night has a different theme.If you search our amateur hooker list you will find an old seasoned woman, a young girl or a whored mother from Brule who like sex and want to get used by a man like you.