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Dieter has an elusive side, but he's also realistic and practical. While Cal exudes confidence, assuring everyone that he knows all the angles and has every situation covered, we suspect Dieter may have more of a plan than he lets on. Played beautifully by Ward, she's an intriguing mix of a normal kid who wants friends and chocolate and a mysterious, perhaps precocious child who has quietly absorbed many of the awful things she has seen over the last couple of years.Adult characters cover a range from shadowy spy-world figures to jazz pianist Eva (Angela Bassett) (above), who leads the band in the hotel where Dieter has been stashed.Pentabus, the rural touring theatre company, and Salisbury Playhouse join forces to present the premiere of Sian Owen’s This Land, a new play about the environmental and social impact of fracking.

Not only that, but director Ben Aston has made a behind the scenes video that takes you on a tour of the entire production, from its inception to post-production.

But before we get to that, sit back, relax, and enjoy as his graduation film for London Film School; he and his team raised nearly ,000 on Kickstarter to fund it; he managed to secure the mentorship of SFX maestro Colin Arthur after attending his special effects workshop.

Moodie plays Gertrude to Paapa Essiedu’s Hamlet for the RSC this week in a production directed by Simon Godwin. James Norton and Kate Fleetwood head the cast of Simon Evans’ production of Tracy Letts’ play Bug at Found111, an atmospheric reclaimed space on Charing Cross Road in London, the building formerly home to Central St Martins which previously played host to The Dazzle.

Sebastian Armesto and Dudley Hinton, along with Simple8 – the creative team behind recent atmospheric reworkings of the Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Moby Dick – turn their attention to Daniel Everett’s fascinating book Don’t Sleep There Are Snakes, an anthropological study, by a linguist and one-time missionary, of an Amazonian tribe that ended up raising questions about the nature of language and how words shape our worlds.

Kathy Griffiths (Phoebe Fox) (above) works for the understaffed and consistently disrespected war crimes unit of the British government.

She argues that those who abetted or committed atrocities should not be given a free pass simply because they had technical skills or could provide information.

British government officials, including Callum's bosses, argue that the future security of their nation depends on tapping expertise wherever it is found.

Since the Nuremburg trials are under way, they feel that the Nazi masterminds are already being called to account.

That last element could involve a couple of wild cards, including the fact that the winning Allies were still sorting out exactly who did what inside Nazi Germany.

By that, we don't mean who specialized in fixed-wing aircraft.

captures the cautiously optimistic chaos of 1946 Britain.