Problems updating batman arkham asylum dating my vintage desk

If the Phys X option is enabled, the fog volume elements will always appear, even if the discrete Fog Volumes option is disabled.

Combat flows perfectly with twin analog sticks, but turns into a drunken brawl when I'm wrestling with a mouse-controlled camera.

The focus on fisticuffs means we don't need the precision of a mouse to pull off 1,000 yard headshots, so put that mouse to the side and get comfy with a control pad.

Distortion The Distortion effect is easy to spot in motion, but harder to illustrate in a still screenshot.

The effect creates a ripple effect behind some of Batman’s tools, such as the Batarang and the Batclaw.

In Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Dark Knight pummels an endless stream of thugs, but will the game deliver the same two-fisted brutality to your video card?

Find out as we examine gameplay performance and image quality on nine of today's video cards.

Extensive testing of NVIDIA's Phys X and what it means to your gameplay experience! Batman: Arkham Asylum is not resplendent with an abundance of graphics options, but it is at least respectable.

There are fourteen total options, seven of which we are actually concerned about here.

Obviously, the first difference is that it can be played with a mouse and keyboard, but you'd have to be an absolute joker to do so.

This game has been carefully crafted to be played with a control pad, and plugging in an Xbox 360 controller provides a vastly superior experience than the PC's default control scheme.

With the motion blur effect enabled, the motion of the camera is plainly apparent.