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A bubbly woman who arrived with some friends, though, was more appreciative, calling the types a kind of "Cliff's Notes for personality." She was an Explorer, and said, "I would like to date more Explorers. He says he speaks two languages: English and math."She met him in the real world but says she wishes she met him online.

When I don't, I get frustrated."With a Builder woman and Explorer man, two types the questionnaire suggests might not always hit it off, Fisher was diplomatic: "She'll be faithful, stable, and honest, and he will be exciting." Both felt their questionnaire's results accurately described them, but the man, at least, seemed undeterred: "I think opposites attract," he said. She's a booster of the medium in a way that suggests she might champion it even if she didn't work for Chemistry: "If every single online dating company went out of business, they'd be recreated tomorrow.

Even OKCupid, though it may not use psychology in its own algorithms, has made its data available to a number of professors.

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She didn't work the room — she's a self-described introvert — but she did engage a series of people in intense, one-on-one conversation about things like whether they considered themselves tender-hearted.

She eventually re-diagnosed the Director man as a Negotiator, and handed him a green bracelet. One main tenet of her system is that Negotiators — empathetic, verbal, compassionate people — tend to go for Directors — skeptical, tough-minded folks who are good with numbers (they got the red bracelets at the mixer).

Now, at 67, she's a special advisor to the dating sites and Chemistry.com, for whom she studies personality — she's less a matchmaker than a taxonomist of people.

Fisher's personality questionnaire is already an integral part of creating a profile on Chemistry.com, but the December event, part of Match's Stir series, marked the first time a version was used live as an icebreaker.

And she's quick to analyze the personalities of people she meets.

I'd taken her quiz before I met her, and been diagnosed a Negotiator/Director, two types she told me were opposites.He notes that dating sites' users aren't a nationally representative sample — rather than being selected randomly, they've freely chosen to be on the dating site, so they might not be an accurate representation of society as a whole.And, he says, "as far as the science of relationships, I think that one of the things that's overstated about the dating websites is the 'amazing secret formula' for who they think you're going to like.The characteristics of each personality type are associated with a different neurotransmitter.She hopes to test her system further by scanning people's brains and determining whether their patterns of activity match their questionnaires.And Slater thinks it may be paying off: "A lot of the users I spoke with felt as if online dating had gotten to a point where there's a fairly high likelihood of them hitting it off, at least on a first date, with the person they're matched with.