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The Daily Mail identified her boyfriend as Michael Swift, who is listed as a freshman from Memphis on Clemson’s soccer team roster. Strictly because of skin color,” the Go Fund Me page said.

Dowdle’s father, Bill Dowdle, told the NY Daily News that her dating a black man was not his “preference” because of issues with biracial dating in the South.

A Tennessee teen who says she is dating a Clemson University soccer player started a fundraiser after her parents allegedly disapproved of her interracial relationship.

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I knew I’d never let him get me into trouble or anything."Maddie*--an eighteen-year-old from Auburn, California, who describes herself as "the quiet, straight- edge type"--didn’t have the same self-control that Eleanor had.

As class valedictorian, Maddie worked nonstop throughout high school and then spent the summer before college dating a guy who encouraged her to take risks she never would have taken on her own.

"I liked the idea of being with someone who was fearless and didn’t play by the rules," Maddie says.

"Brett* was really exciting." But fun had a price--and it wasn’t long before she found herself in jeopardizing situations.

And why would that make me unworthy of a future I’ve worked so hard for?

” Dowdle said she told her parents about a year ago that she was dating a man named Michael.It seemed that nothing was unattainable for Ali*--a Manhattan-based high school sophomore with a near- perfect GPA, a stellar SAT score, and a starting spot on the varsity lacrosse team.Then she met Trevor.*Trevor was prone to cutting class, had quit the soccer team, played bass in a punk band, and hadn’t even started thinking about college.When the young couple did, Allie Dowdle said her parents stripped her of her savings account, car, phone and education, meaning she would have to pay for college on her own.She also said she has tried to find a job to raise money, thought it has been difficult without consistent transportation.Call it Blair Waldorf Syndrome: The case of the ÿber-perfectionist who’s head-over-heels in love with a classic cad like Chuck Bass.