Dating antique quilt fabric

Bring your old blocks and work on sashing, setting and designing your quilt top.

The second section will cover ways to display single blocks or small groups using archival techniques.

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Find out how cotton gins, feedsacks, and cattlebrands play a role in our culture of quilting.

Please make a note that this is primarily a power point slide lecture with some actual quilts.

This is a mixed media presentation with Power Point and actual Crazy Quilts. Learn how our American quilts tell us of the social, political and economic times in American history.

Using quilts from her private collection, Marcia will lead you through 200 years of American quilting.

This brand new lecture shows us the history of children's and infants quilts from the 1820s to present day along with history about the makers, the companies that made commercial quilts and quilt designers.

There is a short Power Point presentation and and over 15 'live' quilts of all sizes and ages along with a surprise or two to add context!

Kits are available if desired but must be known in advance.

Each kit contains patterns, instructions and fabric for 3 blocks. Crazy Talk: The Language of Crazy Quilts During the height of the Crazy Quilt fad, young women were using symbols in both flowers and figures to convey their thoughts and wishes.

A Q&A session is included with the program What’s In a Name: Signature Quilts Signature quilts have been a part of American quilt history for at least 200 years.

They are an enduring symbol of friendship, love and community building.

Learn the story of Texas quilts and quiltmakers as Marcia shows you quilts not seen before in the public eye.