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Jamie appeared in Hollyoaks between 2 January and 11 February 2010.The character of Jamie was created as a temporary love interest for Hannah and was intended to feature only in Hollyoaks Later, the spin-off from the Hollyoaks series.When Hannah discovers that Imogen is prostituting herself, Imogen's pimp Kev (James Cartwright) hits her.

Hannah later meets up with Jamie who is in pain, and realises that Rhys beat him up.

Jamie asks Hannah to leave with him and kisses her.

Hannah responds, but insists that their relationship has to be on her terms.

Hannah's husband Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) asks Jamie for drugs after he and Rhys plan to set Jamie up. Suzanne attempts to find out how serious Jamie and Hannah's relationship is and shows him Hannah's video diary whilst she was suffering from anorexia nervosa.

Jamie is worried when he gets a text from Blue (Kyle Rees) and begins to panic.

Jamie then persuades Hannah to leave the following day.July also saw the arrivals of Heidi's cousin Mitzeee Minniver and student Kevin Smith.Three characters joined in August: Jasmine Costello, Heidi and Carl's daughter; Bart Mc Queen, a member of the long-established Mc Queen family; and Brendan Brady, Cheryl Brady's half-brother.Hollyoaks is a long-running Channel 4 soap opera in the United Kingdom.This is a list of characters who first appeared on the programme during 2010, listed in order of their first appearance.Jamie is shocked but tells Suzanne that he will take care of Hannah.