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Then she reminded me of her foolproof way to know if a guy likes her “as more than a friend.” “You know how to know if a guy likes you?

He asks you out.” This is very simple advice, perhaps brilliantly simple. Just like women can be shy around guys they like, couldn’t the same be true for guys?

(Gosh, I hope not.) This song has obvious comedic impact (he compares her to Patron, and tries to shake it off by telling himself that he’s a player, only to keep imagining her in a house with a white picket fence until he gives up and says, “put that girl in my kitchen.” Sigh.

Don’t we all wish someone special would croon these sentiments at us?

Lino is the author of two novels for adults, but most of his books are written for children and young adults.

For the author, the stories themselves are more important than the one who writes them.He has published numerous books of prose and poetry, among the most recent: (stories, 2015).Wolfgang Hermann’s numerous prizes include the Juergen Ponto Prize (1987), the Siemens Literature Prize (2002), the Anton Wildgans Prize (2006), and the Austrian State Advancement Award (2007).Lino de Albergaria has an undergraduate degree in Portuguese Literature and Communication, and a Master’s Degree in Communication Design from the University of Paris.He was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and lived for some time in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.Bernd Schuchter was born in 1977 in Innsbruck, where he lives with his family.